Playbae Games
Based in Gurgaon, HR, INDIA

Founding date:
January 2018


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[email protected]


ZigZag Fidget
Dark Singularity
In My Shadow

509P, Sector 43, Gurgaon
Haryana,India - 122002



Indie Game Developer based out of Gurgaon, India. Founded by Nakul Verma in 2018 with a vision to create distinct and creative games that can do more than just gross downloads by adding fresh flavour to the gaming industry.


Early history

Nakul started his professional career in Game Development after quitting his job as a Data Analyst, by making non-rudimentary games. Gaming had always been a hobby but slowly had started becoming a passion for life. One such game that had left a major mark on his vision was LIMBO, a game by Arnt Jensen. He still remembers the name of its creator because he also aspires to be the creator of a beautiful game such as Limbo that could provide sheer joy and immersion to the players who play it. From that day, Nakul started making independent games. He began his indie journey by reviving his first published game which he made in college- 'The Singularity'. But he could never release that game due to the fear of having no team or publisher. Then he overcame that fear to develop and release his next game 'ZigZag Fidget'. He teamed up with one of his colleagues Shashwat Pandey to work on ZigZag Fidget, which was Playbae's first released game. The game did not yield much success but managed to give the much needed direction. After that, Nakul was again all by himself and started working on a very ambitious prototype that involved platforming on shadows. He continued working on the idea along with his full time job. The first real break came through during the India Game Developer's Conference 2018 with the prototype. To his surprise and delight, the prototype(named as In The Shadows) won the 'Best Upcoming Game of the Year 2018' award! That was the moment when he made up his mind on working full time indie on 'In The Shadows' and he quit his job soon after.

After that

There has been no looking back since then. 'In My Shadow' (formerly called In The Shadows) was nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2019 at San Fransicso. Nakul also attended GDC 19 from where he got huge inspiration for his path ahead. The game has won multiple International awards after that and has received immense love and appreciation from everyone. The game is being developed with a lot of heart and soul and all these awards and feedbacks keep it on the right track. Today, Playbae is an officially registered company that is solely focused on crafting the best experience out of 'In My Shadow'. Nakul has collaborated with artists from India and abroad to make this project come to life and has wonderful plans for the game's development ahead.



In My Shadow Teaser YouTube

In My Shadow (formerly In The Shadows) winning 'The Most Innovative Game' at Indie Prize Asia 2019 YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Innovative Game" - Indie Prize, GameDaily Connect Asia 2019
  • "Tokyo Game Show 2019 Showcase." - TGS 2019
  • "Best Puzzle Game " - Tencent GWB Awards 2019
  • "Nomination for IMGA 2019." - International Mobile Gaming Awards, San Fransicso 2019
  • "Best Upcoming Game " - IGDC 2018

Selected Articles

  • "Indie Prize Spotlight: Making In The Shadows didn't mean staying in the shadows"
    - Joel Couture, GameDaily.Biz
  • "Winners Tencent GWB game awards"
    - Edward Castor, Playing Indies
  • "Indie Studio's upcoming game will take you on a ride 'In The Shadows'."
    - Poonam Mondal, AnimationXpress

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nakul Verma
Programmer and much more

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