What happens behind the shadows

Nothing better to start off our blog than showing how it all started. That means in this blog, I will be sharing a very brief breakdown of the core logic that goes in our game – In My Shadow.

If you don’t know about In My Shadow yet, it is a unique puzzle platformer in a world of shadows that are formed by emotions and memories. Learn more about it here on its site page or wishlist it on Steam  

All the formalities done, now let’s get to the part that you came here for – the BREAKDOWN.


1. Caster Object
2. Light Source
3. ShadowPlatform Wall
4. ShadowWorld (Player, objectives, obstacles etc).


1. The light source casts rays towards the vertices of the caster object to find the hitpoints of those rays on the ShadowPlatform Wall.

2. These collection of points are then used to form the shape of the shadow on the wall (has many complications)

3. The shape of that shadow is used to create 2d colliders in the ShadowWorld that can be used for platforming.


Now there are quite a lot of elements/complications/challenges in these 3 steps that have not been explained because it can get too technical and lengthy to go through all of those. But we wish to share as much as we reasonably can and hence will be having more such posts in the future.

Hope you guys liked our first blog and learnt something new. We will try to share as much as we reasonably can:) 

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